Flame Wolf
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Activity: Mostly Active

Name: Flame

Nickname{s}: Flamey

Username: Kitta8

Wikia Username: XxKittaxX

Species: Dire Wolf, Grey Wolf Mix

Sex: Male

Age: 1 Year, 9 Moons (21 Moons)

Birth Date: October 31 (Halloween)

Sexuality: Pansexual ~ More Into Males

Group/Pack/Clan: Fallen Royals

Position: Lead Scourge

Novice: Yumi [Martyzebra1](F/Living/Location Known)

Past Novice{s}: None

Past Inhabitant{s}: "The Pit", Monstrous, Rogue

Past Position{s}: Pup, Novice, Gladiator

Spirit: Grizzly Bear

Sin{s}: Murder, Lust

Theme Song{s}: TBA

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Family Tree:

Mother: Rose (F/Living/Location Known)

Father: Lucifer (M/Living/Location Unknown)

Grandmother: Nisa (F/Living/Location Known)

Grandfather: Quill (M/Living/Location Known)

Grandmother: Absinthe (F/Deceased/Location Unknown)

Grandfather: Rasputin (M/Living/Location Unknown)

Earliest Known Descendant{s}:

Ella (Nisa's Mother/Deceased/Location Unknown)

Mate: None

Crush: Jester [Mompop566](M/Living/Location Known)

Former Mate{s}: Saturn [Animallover40056](F/Living/Location Unknown)


Spark (F/Living/Location Known)

Vlad (M/Living/Location Unknown)


Everest (M/Living/Location Unknown/Saturn/Adopted)

Nephew{s} & Niece{s}: None

Cousin{s}: Venom (M/Living/Location Unknown/Father's Brother's Son)
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Height: 5 Foot, 5 Inches (From Paws To Ear-Tips)

Length: 7 Feet, 8 Inches (From Nose To Tail)

Weight: 280 - 375 Pounds

Pelt: His main overcoat is a rich, pitch black, and his underbelly is a dark charcoal grey

Pelt Texture And Length: He has sleek head fur and leg fur, with a silky, semi-fluffy body and tail

Eyes: His eyes are a deep/rich amber like the flames of a wildfire, with a small golden/light amber fade in the middle of his eyes. His eyes are also very bright and inquisitive

Scars: He has a notch cut out of the outer-side of his left ear, scars around his neck from a too tight collar, and a scar around his right front paw/leg from his leg getting caught in a chain. Flame is always getting new scars everyday from battling in "The Pit" still

Voice: His voice is deep and can be very cold-sounding at times, with a Russian accent that is sometimes difficult to understand

Extra: He is very muscular though his fluffy pelt hides just how muscular he is

Physical Disabilities: None

  • Flame as a pup
  • Flame,(left) - Spark,(middle) - and Vlad (right)
  • Flame as a novice in autumn
  • Flame as a novice in winter
  • Flame as an adult
  • Flame as an adult in winter
  • Flame howling
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